I can custom make a quilt from your T-shirts.
This is a great way to transform your t-shirt collection into a wonderful and imaginative treasure that will last for generations. All t-shirts are backed with a light-weight fusible interfacing to help stabilize the t-shirt fabric.
I use quilt shop quality cotton fabrics for all sashing, borders and backing fabrics.

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Do you have:

  • Event or concert t-shirts?
  • Vacation destination t-shirts?
  • Activity t-shirts related to your hobby or work?
  • Old t-shirts you just can't bear to throw away?
  • Sports team t-shirts?
  • Clothing that reminds you of someone special?
  • Old baby clothes?

Let me turn those memories into a unique custom quilt that will preserve them (and keep you warm) for years to come!
Please contact me to discuss your t-shirt project!

Made from college t-shirts

Made from baby onesies

Made from Harley Davidson t-shirts

Made from vacation t-shirts

Made from Hawaiian shirts

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